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I am a Belgian photographer (born in 1975) living and working in Luxembourg. My goal is to explore the notion of a better, ideal place. My works look at how humans build and live their dreams, fantasies or hopes, thereby blurring the lines between reality and utopia.

Selected solo shows

Paradise City, centre d’art Nei Liicht, Dudelange, 2018
Eunma Town, Galerie Nosbaum & Reding, Luxembourg, 2015
Panginoon, Gallerie Satellite, BIP Liège, 2014
Gypsy Queens, Galerie Nosbaum & Reding, Luxembourg, 2013

Selected group shows

Paradise City, Les Boutographies, Montpellier, 2019
Eunma Town, European Month of Photography, Luxembourg, 2019
Flux Feelings, Rencontres de la Photographie, Arles, 2017
Gypsy Queens, Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej BWA, Katowice, 2015
3 Songs No Flash, CarréRotondes, Luxembourg, 2014
Gypsy Queens, Atelier 340 Muzeum, Brussels, 2014


Kuck Elei, commissionned, 2016
Eunma Town, self-published, 2015
Instant Star, self-published, 2014
Gypsy Queens, Husson editions, 2013

Permanent collections

Paradise City, ville de Dudelange
Kuck Elei, Banque de Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Gypsy Queens, Centre National de l’Audiovisuel, Dudelange
Baliem, Museum Volkenkunde, Leiden

Selected publications

Paradise City: Réponses Photo, Fisheye, le Midi-Libre, Woxx, Le Quotidien, Wort
Kuck Elei: Flux Feelings, Rencontres de la Photographie d’Arles
Eunma Town: M Le Monde, Actuphoto, Urbanautica, Lens Culture, Polka
Gypsy Queens: Slate, Actuphoto, Der Greif, Fluctuat
Panginoon: Budhi, Ateneo de Manila University

Selected awards

Honorable mention from the jury, Les Boutographies, 2019
Réponses Photo award, Les Boutographies, 2019
Les Jours award, Les Boutographies, 2019
Public prize, Les Boutographies, 2019
Selected for Eddie Adams Workshop XXX, New York, 2017
Shortlisted, Kassel Fotobook Dummy Award, 2016
Shortlisted, LensCulture photobooks of the year, 2016
Shortlisted, Bourse du Talent, 2014 & 2016
Winner, Centre National de l’Audiovisuel grant, Dudelange, 2012, 2014, 2017, 2019

contact: seb (at) sebweb.org
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