sébastien cuvelier

kuck elei
eunma town
instant star
gypsy queens



picture (c) estan cabigas 2010

i am a belgian photographer (born in 1975) living and working in luxembourg.
my approach to photography focuses mostly on documentary and storytelling.
i am particularly attracted to topics revolving around community.

solo exhibitions
eunma town, galerie nosbaum & reding, luxembourg (lu), sep 2015
gypsy queens, galeria sztuki współczesnej BWA, katowice (pl), jan-mar 2015
gypsy queens, atelier 340 muzeum, brussels (be), mar-may 2014
gypsy queens, livre aux trésors, liège (be), mar 2014
panginoon, biennale internationale de la photographie, galerie satellite, liège (be), feb-apr 2014
gypsy queens, galerie nosbaum & reding, luxembourg (lu), sep 2013
fascination street (selection), wave festival, aubange (be), sep 2012
panginoon, rencontres photographiques d'art'lon, arlon (be), apr-may 2012
gypsy queens (preview), artival, liège (be), mar 2012
japan 101 (projection), carré rotondes, luxembourg (lu), dec 2011
fascination street, galerie terres rouges, kulturfabrik, esch/alzette (lu), may 2011
day on earth, maison du peuple, brussels (be), jun 2009
day on earth, office du tourisme, arlon (be), may 2009
day on earth, musée des transports, liège (be), mar 2009

group exhibitions
flux feelings, rencontres de la photographie, arles (fr), jul-sep 2017
portfolio night, centre national de l'audiovisuel, dudelange (lu), may 2016
3 songs no flash!, carré rotondes, luxembourg (lu), aug 2014
vies en tranches, un regard sur les éditions husson, atelier 340 muzeum, brussels (be), jun-jul 2014
urban japan, galerie vivre le japon (paris, fr), dec 2011
publikum, galerii olympia (warsaw, pl), apr 2010
publikum, kiosk (luxembourg, lu), may-jun 2009

permanent collection
gypsy queens (3 prints), centre national de l'audiovisuel, dudelange (lu)
baliem (projection of 5 portraits), museum volkenkunde, leiden (nl), 2013-2017

kuck elei, privately commissioned, 56p, hardcover in box, dec 2016
eunma town, self-published, 144p, hardcover, sep 2015
instant star, self published, 204p, hardcover, aug 2014
gypsy queens, husson editions, 96p, hardcover, sep 2013

selectied publications
kuck elei in flux feelings, rencontres de la photographie d'arles (fr), jul 2017
eunma town in m le magazine du monde (fr), jan 2017
panginoon in pixels of paradise, biennale internationale de la photographie (bip), liège (be), mar 2014
soul of asia in désirs (luxembourg), mar 2012
panginoon in budhi, an international journal of humanities, ateneo de manila university (ph), apr 2010

awards & recognition
selected for the eddie adams workshop XXX, new york, oct 2017
liège photobook festival shortlist (for eunma town), oct 2016
kassel fotobook dummy award 2016 shortlist (for eunma town), may 2016
lensculture photobooks of the year, part II (for eunma town), jan 2016
runner-up, bourse du talent, photographie.com (fr), 2014 & 2016
winner, centre national de l’audiovisuel photography grant, dudelange (lu), 2012 & 2014
winner, photo magazine annual competition (fr), jan 2012

contact: seb (at) sebweb.org
catch me on facebook and instagram