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Panginoon Panginoon Panginoon

The series

Displays of Catholic faith in the Philippines

God is a Filipino. Where else could he come from when witnessing people's devotion for the "Master" (literal translation of Panginoon)? From fascinating religious rituals to everyday life, Christian references abound to a point where they do not mean anything anymore.

Catholicism in the Philippines (85% of the population) is more than an exception in the Asian religious landscape. It is a cornerstone of local culture inherited from Spanish colonialism and fueled by poverty: 23 million people (one quarter of the total population) live with less than a dollar a day.

The Philippines arquipelago is clearly one-of-a-kind: it is made of an ethnic, cultural and linguistic mix, leaving as sole nationwide elements jeepneys, karaoke and a sometimes innocent, sometimes questioning worship of Panginoon


An early version of the series was published in Budhi, an international journal of humanities, Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines, April 2010

An excerpt of the series was published in the BIP Liège catalogue in March 2014


- Biennale Internationale de la Photographie (BIP), Galerie Satellite, Liège (BE), Mar-Apr 2014
- Rencontres Photographiques d'Arlon (BE), May 2012


- 50 Degrés Nord (BE), Apr 2014 | watch here