Paradise City

GOST Books, 2020
Hardcover, Swiss-bound, 29x20.6cm, 128 pages
Texts in English and French by Sébastien Cuvelier
To be published in 2020

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Eunma Town

Self-published, 2015
Hardcover, clothbound, 23x17.5 cm, 144 pages
Texts in English and Korean by Sébastien Cuvelier and Sujong Song
Design by Sébastien Cuvelier and Christophe Peiffer
Edition of 500
Limited edition: 10 copies signed and numbered 1 to 10, placed in a box made of Korean hanji paper, each calligraphed by Byunghyun Nam (Eunma Town resident). The box also contains an original calligraphy and a signed 22.5x15cm fine art print of an unpublished photograph.

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Instant Star

Self-published, 2014
20,5x15,5cm, 204 pages, hardcover
165 Polaroid & Impossible photographs
Text in French, foreword by Michel Cloup
500 copies including a limited edition of 25 where I take a Polaroid of you wearing Bowie's mask

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Gypsy Queens

Husson Editions, 2013
30x20cm, 96 pages, hardcover
Text in French and English by Sébastien Cuvelier and Christian Mosar
Edition of 1000

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