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Gypsy Queens Gypsy Queens Gypsy Queens

The series

The bittersweet happiness of wealthy Roma women living in grand shiny palaces

According to the legend, Roma people were the gods’ favourite thanks to the sheer beauty of their women, whose long silky hair and sparkling eyes went unmatched. Today, gleaming palaces reminiscent of Walt Disney fairytales have been built by wealthy Gypsies in various regions of Romania. Women rule these communities, spending their days raising children, watching soap operas and looking pretty while their husbands are away on business.

Sébastien Cuvelier travelled to Romania to meet these rich Roma communities several times since 2011. After numerous discussions, shared meals and photographic portraits offered as a token of his appreciation, he could progressively enter an unexpected and private world.



The book

Published by Husson, 2013
30x20cm, 96 pages, hardcover
Text in French and English by Sébastien Cuvelier and Christian Mosar
ISBN 9-782916-249834
Edition of 1000

Generally available in bookstores across Europe

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